starklycontrasted said: [I know my Maria was like, 14 during Captain America. They’re soooo much younger than Howard]

I was trying to do this math earlier.

Howard was born in 1917 and Tony was born in 1970 (according to MCU). That means Howard was 53 when Tony was born, which isn’t too terribly old for a father, but I feel like if Maria was the same age, the likelihood of them having a child at all would be very slim. So I feel like maybe Maria was in her mid thirties when Tony was born. Maybe 35 or younger? That’d make her 5 years old at 1940 when Howard is 23. 

idk timelines are weird

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    Yep! See, that makes sense to me. In the comics tie in she looks about his age, but I still feel like she’d be younger....
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    It works for mine because Tony was an accident, for her, but she was 38 when he was born(Granted, the Tony she’s loosely...